There are tools here for planning your towing needs for pulling fifth wheel and travel trailer (aka bumper pull) campers.

What Can My Truck Tow?

Most cars/SUVs/trucks advertise, X-thousand pounds of towing capacity when it's simply not true. That estimate is solely based on a 150 pound driver and nothing else in/on the vehicle or in the truck bed. When you start crunching the numbers, you find that it's often much less. Use these calculators to determine the weight of camper that you're vehicle can realistically pull.

How Much Will My Camper Weigh?

Determining the tongue weight for travel trailers or pin/hitch weight for fifth wheels can be useful if you know how much available payload your vehicle has (you can use either of the calculators above to find that).

Actual Scale Weight Utilities

Once you own the camper and truck, you're able to go to get weighed (see where to get weighed, weighing procedures for fifth wheels and travel trailers). Once you get the proper weights, you can then use the utilities below to crunch the numbers.

Trip Planning & Utilities